Strategic Cooperation between Holpe and Tencent Cloud - New Stage of Smart Retail Industry


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On September 21, 2017, Shenzhen Holpe Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Holpe"), as a wholly-owned subsidiary of the listed company Sanxia New Building Material Co., Ltd (Stock Code: 600293), has signed a strategic cooperation agreement with Tencent Cloud Computing (Beijing) Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Tencent Cloud"). Both parties will work together to develop in-depth cooperation in the fields of smart stores, precision marketing, e-commerce, product promotion, operation and maintenance, so as to jointly build a smart retail system. Tencent Cloud will provide technical support for the realization of smart retail business under Holpe.

Zhang Yingyi, Vice President of Holpe Group, and Qiu Yuepeng, President of Tencent Cloud, attended and witnessed the ceremony. Xu Guiyan, General Manager of Mobile Internet Center of Holpe Group, and Wang Rongbin, Director of Channel Industry Sales of Tencent Cloud have signed the agreement on behalf of Holpe Group and Tencent Cloud respectively.

Founded in 1997, Holpe has been committed to building a mobile smart new life experience shop. Tencent Cloud is a leader in the cloud computing industry in China. With the years of technology accumulation in Tencent social networking, games, and video, Tencent Cloud has outputted a series of industry solutions, committed to building high-quality, trustworthy public cloud service platform.

“"The present complex and complicated retail trade condition not only requires an upgrading of offline physical stores, but also imposes a challenge to online e-commerce and to companies in strengthening their online and offline collaboration capabilities." "Tencent Cloud computing, digital marketing, face recognition and video services and such technologies are mature and are able to provide technical support for the realization of the smart retail business of Holpe Group.", said Zhang Yingyi, Vice President of Holpe Group.

  According to the agreement, Holpe will use Tencent Cloud computing, digital marketing, face recognition, and video services to achieve its smart retail business. With regard to smart stores, Holpe will incorporate smart mobile technology into the scenarios, and create a convenient and pleasant shopping experience through the cloud computing and the accurate face recognition of Tencent Uface.

With respect to product marketing and promotion, it accurately identifies users' hobbies by virtue of the Tencent's 18 years of accumulation in the field of social networking. It will increase the ability of Holpe Group in controlling the smart retail supply chain and its ability to reach consumers, and will help solving the challenges and dilemmas faced by traditional retail business to achieve accurate marketing.

terms of operation and maintenance, Tencent Cloud, with its professional technical team, is capable of supporting the normal operation of smart retail of Holpe Group to ensure that consumers get knowledgeable about, experience and enjoy the pleasant shopping journey, so as to enable that Holpe Group's smart retail service can truly meet consumers' demands.

In addition, the strategic cooperation between both parties is also conducive to promoting the development of payment method in the field of smart retail business.  WeChat under Tencent owns nearly 900 million monthly activities. The access of WeChat payment is also conducive to the evolution of Holpe Group's payment method in the field of smart retail business, delivering a good payment experience.

At present, smart retail is no longer just a concept, its construction is accelerating. The collaboration between Tencent Cloud and Holpe Group enable the realization of seamless integration of O2O business model in the aspects of information flow, capital flow, and logistics. Just as said by  Zhang Yingyi, Vice President of Holpe Group, "Achieving O2O integrated operation in various kinds of trades will fulfill the double wheel drive and coordinated development of big data, networking, entities and O2O."