Integrating International and creating the Future - Opening of Holpe 2017 ICEEA Fair in UAE


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On September 25, the ICEEA Consumer Electronics Show, co-hosted by Shenzhen's Go-Global Strategic Alliance, held a grand opening ceremony in Abu Dhabi. HE Juma Mohamed Ai Kait, Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs of the UAE Ministry of Economic Affairs, HE Mohamed, Secretary General of the UAE Federal Chamber of Commerce, Lin Yaduo, charge d'affaires of Chinese Embassy in the UAE, He Song, Counselor of the Commercial Office of Chinese Embassy in the UAE, and Zhou Guangyao, the chief representative of the Gulf Coast Representative Office of China Council for the Promotion of International Trade jointly cut the ribbon for the ceremony and visited nearly 200 exhibitors represented by Holpe Group.

From the concept of constructing mobile Internet ecological platform, Ms. Zhan Qixing, Holpe Vice President, personally led a team to hold the exhibition. After the opening ceremony on the day, the exhibition representatives of Holpe accepted the interviews by the team led by HE Juma Mohamed AiKait, Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs of the UAE Ministry of Economic Affairs, and a number of local mainstream media, and unanimous praise from exhibitors and peer companies with our professional and attentive service. The good brand image of Holpe laid a foundation for the international market for the future.

  UAE International Consumer Electronics Show (ICEEA) is held in Abu Dhabi National Exhibition Center once every year. The exhibits mainly cover smart phones and accessories, 3D printing, home entertainment, health and sports audio products, living technology videos/4K Ultra HD devices, mobile life automotive technology, health products, smart home, wearable devices and more. In UAE electronic consumer market, consumers are more rational and focus on cost performance due to its unique geographical, cultural, economic, social environment and other factors. Holpe Group exhibited products covering high-end smart phones and mobile phone accessories and other products. After fully investigating the market environment of UAE and local consumption situation, Holpe hopes to, through this exhibition further dig the actual needs of local consumers and develop products that accommodate local consumption.

Abu Dhabi, as the richest emirate and capital of UAE, mainly depends on importing consuming goods. China is the second largest trading partner of UAE. As the leader of the mobile smart terminal vertical supply chain ecological platform of China, Holpe is very confident to input extensive products and professional services into the local market, allowing local consumers to experience different international services from Holpe.